Emmett Chapman

We are so excited to announce that we have a new artist in the Analog Alien Galaxy – none other than Mr. Emmett Chapman – the inventor of the Chapman Stick!

As many of you know, I am a big fan of the Chapman Stick. I first heard this unique instrument in 1983 in NYC, during a music instrument show held at the “Felt Forum” in Madison Square Garden.  Don’t look for it now……just like the Electric Banana, it’s gone – a little Spinal Tap humor for you. It was there that I also met Emmett Chapman for the first time.

Recently, I have been emailing Emmett about the Chapman stick and he has been both very helpful and informative. During one of the emails Emmett mentioned that he noticed a few Stick players were using our pedals and that he’d like to try one out for himself. Emmett told me he was looking for what he called, a “Bad” lead melody voice.  But I’ll let him describe it:

“I feel it’s always important to have a “bad” lead melody voice.  By itself, without expression, sax is a “bad” sound, so is rock guitar lead.  Add the artist behind the instrument and “bad” turns into “gravitas”. Those are the avant-garde lead instruments of jazz and rock and I’d like to have a “bad” lead voice for The Stick (not just a fuzzy, buzzy noise).”

So with that, a Rumble Seat left our shop heading for California and Stick Enterprises. After playing through the Rumble Seat for a few weeks, Emmett emailed me to tell me some exciting news. This really made my day:

“Hello Jack:  Yes your orange rock distortion box, with its three integrated effects, now has an established place on my pedalboard. With a bit of fast slapback and some hot reverb I’m enjoying a “heavier” lead voice on The Stick’s melody output.”

“I have all the settings to just one configuration that lends The Stick a certain ’70s rock and roll lead guitar sensation – fuzz, slapback and a springy reverb.”

“I wired your unit into the effects loop of my own created ‘Patch of Shades’ floor unit with its pressure pad, so when I lean my weight onto the pad, my lead sound crossfades from full frequency natural strings to a built in wah plus your Rumble Seat.”

“Having it both ways.  All the Best, Emmett.”

Welcome to our Galaxy, Mr. Chapman. It is truly an honor to have you as an Analog Alien Artist.

For more information about the Chapman Stick, visit their website: http://stick.com/

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