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Check out Analog Alien @ London Pedal & Synth Expo March 16 & 17

Discover Analog Alien Pedals at the London Pedal & Synth Expo 2024 The world of music production and performance is ever-evolving, and one of the keystones of this dynamic industry is the innovative technology behind musical instruments and accessories. This March 16th and 17th, an exceptional opportunity awaits for enthusiasts and professionals alike at the …

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Coming Soon!

Set your guitar on fire with our 3 in 1 stomp box! Our upcoming pedal will take you from a full sonic wall of fiery fuzz to the hottest rock/blues overdrive you’ve ever heard, with just a few tweaks of its control knobs. Don’t miss a beat! Sign up for our newsletter for launch details, …

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Using Guitar Pedals With Synths

Synthesizers are really amazing instruments. Just about anything is possible with them. Years ago you would pay a high price for a synth like the OB-8. Today synths come in all sizes and features and most of them are very affordable. So what can you do to improve the sound and versatility of an instrument that is as versatile as a synthesizer? How about adding guitar effects pedals into the mix?

Using Guitar Pedals For Vocals – Live!

It’s getting harder and harder to be creative in the music world today. Let’s face it….Rock and Pop music are well over 50 years old and they have been through generations of changes. But all is not lost and there’s still some room to experiment and to let your creativity and imagination run wild. One such area of exploration is the human voice.

A while back we posted a blog that covered the topic of using guitar pedals to record vocals. It was so well received that we thought we’d revisit it – only this time, we’re going to take a look at how you can use guitar pedals for vocals in a live situation. 

Guitar Pedals For Beginners

So, you’ve been playing the electric guitar for a while now and you have decided that you’d like to purchase some guitar pedals.

But you’re new to guitar pedals and you have no experience using them. You’re not sure what guitar pedals to start with or how to connect them together. Adding a few guitar pedals to your signal chain can be both a fun and creative experience. So let’s take a look at some of the best guitar pedals for beginners.

Alien Twister

ANALOG ALIEN TWISTER The Alien Twister has touched down, and according to preliminary reports, it has all the makings of an F-5 Tornato! The Alien Twister is a Fuzz, Distortion, Overdrive pedal with a built-in buffer. The Twister comes in a cloth satchel and is packed in its own branded wooden box and includes a …

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Johnny Hiland

    Ok… we are thrilled, excited, honored and down right happy to say that there is a new artist in the Analog Alien Galaxy – none other than guitar wizard Johnny Hiland!!! We were introduced by to Johnny at the Summer NAMM show, in Nashville, a few years ago by guitar legend, James Burton. …

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