Fuzz Box News – Analog Alien FuzzBubble-45 gets reviewed by Brian Johnston for Ultimate-Guitar.com

Last month we received an email from Brian Johnston. Brian is well known throughout the music circle for his in-depth reviews on guitars and guitar related products. His reviews can be found on two of the biggest music sites on the internet – Ultimate-Guitar.com & MusicGearReview.com. Ultimate-Guitar is one of the largest internet communities with over 100,000 registered users and participants!!!

After viewing several of the videos on the FuzzBubble-45 fuzz face/distortion pedal, Brain decided that he wanted to, as he puts it, “test drive and develop a detailed review on the FuzzBubble-45” for himself. With major reviews on Empress Effects, Reverend Guitars, Eastwood Guitars, Egnater Amps, and several others to his credit, we were both honored and excited that Brian wanted to add the FB-45 to this impressive list.

But, getting the pedal to him was a bit of a challenge.  Brian lives in Canada and while we were trying to mail the pedal to him the Canadian mail service decided to go on strike, which delayed the pedal’s arrival for quite a few weeks. At one point we thought it might have gotten lost! But, eventually the FuzzBubble-45 arrived at Brian’s door, safe and sound.

With the FuzzBubble-45 now in hand, or should I say under foot, Brian went on to do what Joe and I feel is one of the best reviews on the FB-45 to date. There’s also a killer sound file that Brian recorded.

He used the FB-45 to get more of a Metal sound for his recording. We didn’t have this in mind when we designed the pedal so we were both very surprised and happy with the results. Brian really did a great job taking the FB-45 out a different sonic door. Just click on the links below to check out the reviews and the sound clip on the Ultimate-Guitar.com & MusicGearReview.com web sites.



We would like to thank Brian for doing such a great job reviewing the FuzzBubble-45. When we told him a new pedal is in the works he replied, “I can’t wait to hear it”!

Rock On!

Analog Alien

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