Fuzz Face Distribution video ~ Check out this great Analog Alien FuzzBubble-45 video from Musictoyz!

Analog Alien fans!

I want to share some exciting news with you. There’s a new Promo video featuring the FuzzBubble-45 that’s out right now on YouTube. The video was produced by Teddy and the rest of the gang at Musictoyz.com.

Musictoyz.com is just one of several dealers that are now distributing Analog Alien pedals. We will soon be adding a new page to the Analog Alien website that will list all of our dealers. We would like to send a special thanks to all of our dealers for doing such a great job in distributing the Fuzzbubble-45 fuzz face.

In other Alien news…

There’s a new fuzzZone video coming out in the next few days. The video will showcase a vintage Gibson L1 archtop from the early 1902’s. The guitar is from the Cloud 9 collection. I’ve had the guitar since 1987. It’s an awesome guitar with a beautiful tone and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

I’ve also just completed a new demo video featuring the FB-45. In this video I show you how to set up the FuzzBubble in what I call a 1-2-3 combination. It really shows you how versatile the FuzzBubble-45 is and how handy it can be in a live situation.

Stay tuned. The videos will be out shortly.

Rock On!

Analog Alien.

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