FuzzBubble-45 fuzz face from Analog Alien, is featured on the I LOVE FUZZ website! Read what members are saying.

Cheers Analog Alien fans!

A few days ago I posted a video review that Dennis Kayzer did on the FuzzBubble-45 fuzz face. Dennis is from Germany and he does a really great job of reviewing guitar effects pedals. His review of the FuzzBubble-45 fuzz face was fantastic, to say the least. Dennis is also a member of the “I Love Fuzz”  forum where he posted his video review of the FB-45 for all to see and comment on. You can read what the other members had to say by clicking on the link below:


In other Alien news – I’m finishing up the second video installment on how I got an SRV sound in the promotional video I did for the FuzzBubble-45 called “The FuzzBubble-45 unleashed”. I Used my custom Eric Johnson Strat, the FuzzBubble-45 fuzz face and my Vox AC30 amp. In part one we took a look at the Eric Johnson modified Strat and the GHS strings that are on it. In part two we’ll focus on the FuzzBubble-45 fuzz face and the Vox AC-30 amp. This is a special fuzzZone video series I’m doing for non-fuzzZone members. If you’re not a member of the fuzzZone yet you can sign up by using the opt-in feature to the right of this blog page.

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Analog Alien

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