In the fuzzZone with Kevin McLeod, part-1

Welcome back to the fuzzZone!

We’re back at Cloud 9 Recording for another behind the scenes look at a recording session. This time we’re in the studio with Kevin McLeod. Kevin is currently recording his second CD here at Cloud 9. In this video Kevin is recording an acoustic rhythm guitar part for a song he wrote that will be featured on his new CD called, “A Girl of Nineteen”.

The guitar Kevin is using is one of the best sounding guitars Joe and I have ever had the pleasure of recording – a Lowden 012-C. Lowden guitars are hand built in Ireland by George Lowden: Kevin bought his Lowden at Mandolin Brothers in Staten Island, NY. Mandolin Brothers has some of he finest vintage instruments on the planet. So if you’re in the market you may want to check out their web site:

This is the first of several fuzzZone videos featuring Kevin McLeod. In the next video Kevin will be overdubbing a mandolin part to this song. He used an old Gibson Jr.  from the 1920’s. As a coincidence I bought this mandolin from Mandolin Brothers, too – back in the 80’s. It’s a great session and you won’t want to miss it. To find out more about Kevin McLeod you can visit his web site: Or you can check out his blog spot:

See you next time in the fuzzZone!

Peace Out,

Analog Alien

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