Johnny Hiland – Bucket Seat

Johnny Hiland is one of the hottest guitar players around today and we are both proud and excited to say that he is also an Analog Alien artist! Here’s a great demo Johnny did for us for the Bucket Seat. Johnny really puts the Bucket Seat through its paces and shows you why it has found a permeant spot, right in the center of his pedal board. The Bucket Seat is the same overdrive section that is found in our 5-star pedal, the Rumble Seat.

Johnny also did demo videos for the Alien Comp and the Alien Twister. Both of those videos will be out soon, so stay tuned; we’ll post them just as soon as they’re ready. As always, we’d like to thank Johnny for making this video and for taking Analog Alien Guitar Pedals along for the ride.

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