The Who – Prudential Center in Newark, NJ

It was quite a night in New Jersey.  We were at stage right the whole time. We would like to thank Michael Kaye, the Who’s tech for all he’s done for us. MIchael is gentleman and a true pro in every way! Thank you Pino Palladino and Frank Simes for using our pedals –  I can’t tell what a thrill it is to see them on stage with the Who!

Back stage with Michael

Back stage with Michael Kaye. Michael is the tech for Pino Palladino, Simon Townshend and Roger Daltrey. I can go on all day about how great Michael has been us. He is one if the finest people we know and it’s always great to see him.

Joe & Michael

Joe and Michael at stage right last night. Michael rewired Pino Palladino’s bass for the show. Michael was giving the bass a once over to make sure everything was good to go when I took this photo.


Frank Simes, the Who’s musical director and one of the musicians performing on stage with the Who. Frank has joined the long and growing list of artists using Analog Alien Guitar Pedals. Frank has used the Rumble Seat to perform on stage with Joe Walsh, Bruce Springsteen, Rick Nielsen and Eddie Vedder, just to name a few.

Me & Alan

I got the chance to hang out with the main man himself – Alan Rogan. Alan has been Pete Townshend’s personal guitar tech for over 40 years! He is also the tech for Keith Richards and Eric Clapton. To get to sit and chat with the man who has been responsible for setting up the guitars for my all time favorite guitarist was both an honor and one of the biggest thrills of my life!

Me & Joe

At stage right.


What a thrill it was to hang out with Pino Palladino! Pino was introduced to our guitar pedals about a year ago, by Joe Walsh. Pino has been using our Alien Bass Station pedal on stage with the Who since May, 2015. He also has a full line of our pedals that he uses in the studio as well.

Roger JOin together

Roger asking the crowd to Join Together With The Band.


Roger was in top form that night!

Who Road cases

Who Road cases. There’s lot of history that gets packed into these every night.

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