The Analog Alien FB-45 distortion – fuzz face pedal gets a blessing from Budda!

What’s up Analog Alien fans?

We just got some wild news about the FuzzBubble-45 fuzz face and we just had to share it with you guys.

The “PaLungJit”  Buddhism web site has picked up on the Analog Alien FuzzBubble-45 distortion fuzz face pedal and posted our youtube promo video as one of the featured videos on their site. We knew that the FB-45 fuzz face had a lot of VooDoo going on, but Budda? We’re not quite sure how they picked up on the FuzzBubble-45, but we think it’s pretty cool and we’ll take it. Here’s a link to the site and the video:

Make  sure you also stop by the fuzzZone and check out the latest video blog post.  This one is on the amp I used in my secret tip video, the Ampeg Echo Twin. I’ve been getting a lot of emails lately requesting more information about the amp. So I decided to make a fuzzZone blog about it. If you’re not a fuzzZone member yet, just use the opt-in link on the Analog Alien site and join up. Or you can sign up on our Cloud 9 Recording site, too.

Peace out & may Budda be with you!

Analog Alien

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