The FuzzBubble-45 distortion – fuzz face & Darlene Graham rock Valley Stream!

The FuzzBubble-45 fuzz face rocks live!

I just wanted to do a quick Analog Alien Blog post to tell all of you about a really fun gig I did this week. I got the chance to use the FuzzBubble-45 fuzz face – distortion pedal live and it was great!  Joe and I, along with our close friend and fellow recording engineer, Mike Scielzi, have a band. We preform with a fantastic children’s entertainer named Darlene Graham. When we perform with Darlene we are called the Shades of Green band. We did a performance at the Brooklyn Ave School in Valley Stream Long Island NY this week and it went great! I up loaded a video of some of the performance along with this blog so you guys could check it out. I got the chance to use the FB-45 fuzz face – distortion pedal. It’s the first time that I used the pedal in a live situation and I couldn’t have been more happier. I used the Pete side. I set the year control for 1971 and the output just loud enough so that I didn’t blow the kids away! This gig didn’t call for a fuzz face sound so I didn’t use the Jimi side. The Pete side was all I needed. I know a lot of you who have purchased the FuzzBubble-45 have used it in a live situation and you’ve told me how much you love it. But I don’t play out live much anymore so the only time I get to use the FB-45 is in the studio. It was a blast getting to use it live and in front of all those kids! We really love to preform with Darlene. Her voice is amazing and she’s one of the best children’s performers on the planet! Darlene recorded her first children’s CD, “Everybody Dance”, at Cloud 9 Recording. She is currently preforming at many locations in the Long Island, New York area. For more information about Darlene Graham you can visit her web site:

I hope you enjoy the video. It was done on a little flip camera and the sound quality’s not the best but you’ll get the idea. It’s tuff playing the guitar and having to be the camera man, too.

We’ve got more coming in the fuzzZone, too so stay tuned!

Rock on

Analog Alien.

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