Would Jimi Hendrix dig the FuzzBubble-45 fuzz face?

He just might have. The FuzzBubble-45 distortion, fuzz face pedal is continuing to get rave reviews. Alfonso Cruz has one of the best sites on the web when it comes to finding great guitar gear, the “Analog War Cry”. http://analogwarcry.blogspot.com/ He is currently writing a review on the The FuzzBubble-45 distortion, fuzz face pedal for his site. It should be out in a short time. In the mean time here’s what Alfie had to say to Joe and myself when his FB-45 fuzz face arrived.

“Hey guys, the pedal is amazing!!!! That is one hell of a talent you have there. Hands down one one of the coolest pedals I have come across all year and in fact it will be featured in our Top Finds of 2010 posts. Great job. I love everything about it. You scored 5 stars in every area. SOUND/LOOKS/FEATURES/BUILD/ORIGINALITY”

Look forward to an amazing review.



Thanks Alfie. We’re looking forward to the review, too. As soon as it’s posted you guys will find it hear in the Analog Blog!

Peace out,

Analog Alien.

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