Johnny Hiland


Ok… we are thrilled, excited, honored and down right happy to say that there is a new artist in the Analog Alien Galaxy – none other than guitar wizard Johnny Hiland!!! We were introduced by to Johnny at the Summer NAMM show, in Nashville, a few years ago by guitar legend, James Burton. Johnny has told us how much he loves our pedal the Bucket Seat. The Bucket Seat is the same Overdrive section that is found in our 5 Star pedal the Rumble Seat. Johnny is a big fan of our latest pedal, the Alien Comp. The Alien Comp is the same compressor circuit that is found in another Analog Alien 5 Star pedal – the Joe Walsh Double Classic. Here’s what Johnny has to say about both pedals:

“I cannot leave home without having my Analog Alien Bucket Seat Overdrive on any board I decide to take out with me! This is definitely one of those desert island pedals that you just can’t live without! Responsive and tasty! You NEED to experience the Bucket Seat NOW, so order yours TODAY!!” – JOHNNY HILAND

“Real estate is very important on pedalboards today. The Alien Comp is killer in providing top quality studio compression, transparency when you need it, and can even stand alone as a clean boost. As a chicken picker, the right compressor is essential! This bad boy is easy to use with smoking tone! I highly recommend that you pick up the Alien Comp TODAY!!!” – JOHNNY HILAND

Thank you Johnny! We are really honored to have you in our Galaxy.

For more information about Johnny Hiland you can visit his social media network.


Summer NAMM 2016. From Left to right, Johnny Hiland, Joe Napoli, Jack Napoli, James Burton, Albert Lee.

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