Analog Alien Pedals On Tour

This summer through the fall, Analog Alien guitar pedals are on tour with an impressive roster of musical superstars!

Pop rock extraordinaire Lawrence kicked off their tour with the Jonas Brothers at Yankee Stadium. Guitar player Jonny Koh boosts his guitar tone with two Analog Alien effects pedals: the Rumble Seat and the Fuzz Bubble. While the Fuzz Bubble dirties up the sound to emulate the greatest rock bands of the 60’s and 70’s, the Rumble Seat adds unparalleled high-end reverb, delay and drive. The attention to quality on both pedals assures that the tones fill venues as large as professional baseball stadiums. Check out Lawrence’s impressive tour schedule. Oh, how we wish we could go on tour with our pedals!

Jonny Koh of Lawrence cranks his guitar sound using the Fuzz Bubble and Rumble Seat on their four month tour opening for The Jonas Brothers!
@LawrenceTheBand @Jonny_Koh

You can also check out our Bass Station on the John Mayer tour. It’s also the effects pedal of choice for legendary bass player Pino Palladino, with his impressive career, playing with such luminaries as The Who, Nine Inch Nails and Jeff Beck, to name a few. It’s no wonder John Mayer tapped Pino to lay down those low notes. We are honored to manufacture a bass pedal that lives up to Pino’s expectations. The construction and circuitry of the Bass Station can also resonate through some of the largest stadiums. Check out Pino, John and our Bass Station’s upcoming tour schedule. 

Pino Palladino pumps up the bass on his tour with John Mayer! @JohnMayer @Pino_Palladino_Official

Did you know that the Rumble Seat also sounds great with keyboards? Just ask Stevie Wonder and Loren Gold. You can catch Loren run his keyboards through a Rumble Seat while he tours with Chicago this fall. With all the built in effects in a modern keyboard, we’re honored that our combination drive/delay/reverb pedal can take the tone even further! Catch Chicago and our Rumble Seat rumbling through a town near you.

Loren Gold runs his keyboard through the Rumble Seat on his Chicago tour! @ChicagoTheBand @LorenGold

We mourn the end of summer, pools, barbecues and outdoor concerts. However, this incredible roster of musical talent promises to keep our spirits up through the change of seasons. Their confidence in Analog Alien boutique effects pedals also buoys our spirit.  We are more determined than ever to produce the best possible effects pedals for YOU!

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