The Story

The Analog Alien’s name is Chip.  He comes from a galaxy far far away… called the Fuzz Zone.  His home planet is called Bliptone.

For well over 1000 years Bliptone has been void of any acoustic instruments and any analog recording. Only super hi-tech digital instruments and recording equipment exists.

Chip has always had an adventurous spirit and is known by his friends to be the rebel.  Always looking to buck the establishment and bring about a change in whatever established ideal he feels needs a make over.

One day about 50 years ago while listening to deep space with his super space monitors (hoping to pick up some transmissions from a space probe that he had launched several years earlier) he began to hear a sound that he never heard before.  The probe had tuned into an oldies radio station here on earth.

As he tuned into the probes signal he began to hear the great pop music of the 1950’s. Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry,  Elvis, Fats Domino, etc…  For the next ten years he worked on tweaking his gear and was able to tap into not only audio but also video transmissions from earth.  He was blown away by the music he was continuing to see and hear. The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who and Jimi Hendrix.  The stream seemed to be never ending.

He fell in love with the electric guitar. He soon built one of his own and learned to play it just like his new heroes. He embosses all that he creates with the symbol of the plastic insert of the old 45 rpm records.  He has adopted this shape as his logo and feels it is a symbol of his love for all things analog.

After trying to start an analog music revolution on his planet, (which unfortunately fell on digital only ears) Chip decided to try his hand in space travel and make his way to Earth. So he packed up his home made gear and blasted off.

Unfortunately, Chip miscalculated the transmission time of the signals coming from earth and did not realize that it had taken more then 30 years for the first transmissions to reach him. Though he made great time traveling through space his miscalculation caused him to land on earth in 2009.

Needless to say, he was very disappointed and horrified to learn the state of the music business here on earth.  Chip knew from his planet’s history that the earth’s music industry was headed for big trouble.

He sought out and quickly found that he was not alone in his love of analog recording. He soon discovered a stronghold of under ground followers who were still appreciating and practicing the art.

He made friends with the owners of a small boutique recording studio on the east coast of the United States, called Cloud 9 Recording.  Together they formed Cloud 9 Audio and have begun to manufacture a fine line of guitar FX pedals to aid in the battle to preserve all things analog.  The first one of these pedals is called the “Fuzz Bubble 45” –  which emulates classic guitar tones form the 60’s & 70’s.

Chip is presently working on several new pedal designs.  That is, when he’s not out jamming with his new friends or checking out his favorite new band, Jackie Phase and The Phasers.

Stay tuned and keep in touch for future updates on Chip “The Analog Alien”.

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