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The Analog Alien Power Pack is a simple, yet versatile, clean boost. The Power Pack’s buffered input and unique gain stage make it the perfect choice to boost your amp’s input stage. In addition, it maintains unity gain and tonal balance throughout your signal path. Whether your signal needs a kick to make up for pedal-board-induced tone loss, or you just want to hit your amp a bit more forcefully – you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more transparent tool for the job. The Power Pack is designed to work with both guitar and bass.

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Product Manual & Details


Power Pack Pedal:
• Clean, transparent signal boost
• 100% analog circuitry
• Restores lost signal on involved pedal-boards
• Great for pushing an amp into overdrive
• Boosts your volume for pushing above the band

Power Pack Sound Clips:

Restores unity gain.

If you use pedals, especially older vintage pedals, you may be experiencing a loss in signal-level whenever one, or more, of them are in use. The Power Pack will restore your signal to unity gain and, at the same time, improve the sound quality of your pedals. If you are looking to boost your amp, enhance the sound quality of your effects pedals or restore unity gain to your signal path, the Power Pack is the perfect choice.

Always-on pedal.

This 100% analog device is a strong candidate for your always-on pedal while also being able to add just the right amount of power for getting above the band. Analog Alien pedals are well known for their top-tier components and tone. The Power Pack clean boost pedal displays this commitment to quality in spades.

Completely analog.
Analog Alien is all about tonal purity. All our designs are inspired by the top-quality gear we use in our Cloud 9 Recording Studio. When we engineered the Power Pack, keeping an all-analog circuit was a top priority. Just as in a great vintage amp, this allows you the ability to control the gain of your signal by the way you play your guitar. And the true-bypass switch maintains your signal’s integrity, even with the pedal switched off. Guitarists can’t get enough of this pedal.

How to use the Power Pack pedal:

Gain – the key to using the Power Pack efficiently is to use your ears. Where to set the Gain control on the Power Pack depends on the design of your amplifier’s circuit and the amount of boost you are trying to achieve.

Distortion/Overdrive – the Power Pack is a clean boost, not a distortion/overdrive pedal. Distortion and overdrive are produced by using the Power Pack to boost your guitar amplifier’s input. This, in turn, enables the amplifier to produce the desired amount of distortion and/or overdrive, on its own.

Using smaller vintage tube amps – if your preference is to use smaller vintage tube amps, you may have experienced a situation where you wished you could get more output from them. Inside many of these smaller amps is a much larger amp waiting to get out and be heard. If your vintage amp is maxed out at 10, and you wish it could go to 12, then the Power Pack is your ticket-to-ride.

Restoring unity gain – the Power Pack is also perfect to restore unity gain to your signal, or to improve the sound and performance of the other pedals in your signal chain. Try experimenting by placing the Power Pack at the beginning, or at the end, of your signal path. Adjust the Gain control until the desired output level is achieved.


Power Pack Videos:


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