Alien Bass Station (Compressor/Amp Simulator/Gamma-Fuzz) Bass Pedal



A bass player’s dream box!
The Alien Bass Station, or ABS, is a multi-effects pedal designed specifically for bass players who are looking to shape and control their sound [in both live and studio situations].
This unique, one-of-a-kind pedal combines three essential effects that all bass players should have: Limiter/Compressor, Amp Generator and Gamma Fuzz. These sections can be used in any combination. With Analog Alien’s Alien Bass Station bass guitar multi-effects pedal, you’ll have consistent tone from song to song, and from session to show.


Product Manual & Details

Alien Bass Station Pedal:
• Bass multi-effects pedal with all the essentials for great tone
• Limiter/Compressor, Amp Generator, and Gamma Fuzz have individual controls that let you customize your tone
• Individual stomp switches for each section can be on/off in any combination
• All-analog design lets the tone of your instrument shine through
• External power supply (does not run on batteries) not included

Control your dynamic range.

Guitarists know how much compression can do for their tone, and the Alien Bass Station delivers. The limiter/compressor section rounds out and warms up your tone without taking away all of the tonal characteristics of your bass. With the Limit-Comp, Sensitivity, and Out knobs, you can control your dynamic range without losing the impact of slaps or pick attack.

Sounds like a classic tube amplifier.
Unlike some amp modelers, the Alien Bass Station’s amp generator has all-analog circuitry that keeps your tone warm and natural. The pedal works with your signal to give you a tonal result that sounds like a classic tube amplifier. Your sound engineer will happily find a place for you in the mix – when you use it between your guitar and DI onstage. Gain and Out knobs control your levels, and a very musical EQ section lets you shape the bass and treble response of your tone.

A little dirty to full-on extraterrestrial.
If you haven’t already figured out that the Alien Bass Station has a personality all its own, then wait until you hear the fuzz. From a little dirty to full-on extraterrestrial, the simple In and Out controls for this section make getting great fuzz tones easy. And while the fuzz section rounds out this collection of essential tools for bass players, the Alien Bass Station’s dynamic responsiveness and altogether great sound tempts you to plug in a 6-string guitar, too. (It wouldn’t be the first time something made for bass players found its way into the tone of a guitar.)

How to use the Alien Bass Station pedal:

The Limiter/Comp – allows you to control your bass guitar’s dynamic range without squashing your tone into extinction.

The Amp Generator – has the characteristics of a vintage tube bass amp.

Gamma Fuzz – truly unique among fuzz pedals, it has stronger and lower frequencies that will produce more fuzz. Your bass will take on a whole new expressive harmonic richness when you run it though the Gamma Fuzz.

Alien Bass Station Videos:


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