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Cranked British amp tones!

The Analog Alien Bucket Seat overdrive pedal gets cranked British amp tones from any amp. Our first single-effect unit, the Bucket Seat has a smooth break up and retains the guitar’s dynamics, even at high overdrive settings. Never harsh or brittle, this pedal can go from a clear, clean tone to a harmonically rich distortion – with a twist of a knob. And its 100% analog circuitry ensures the pedal is amazingly touch-sensitive.

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Product Manual & Details

Bucket Seat Pedal:
• Overdrive pedal designed around a ’69 Plexi
• Output, Tone and Gain controls
• 100% analog circuitry
• True bypass doesn’t degrade your tone
• Analog Alien’s first single-effect pedal

• Heralded by artists like Johnny Hiland, Billy Gibbons ( ZZ Top), James Burton (Elvis Presley), Stevie Wonder and Joe Walsh (The Eagles, The James Gang, Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band)

• Taken from the Rumble Drive section of Analog Alien’s popular Rumble Seat pedal

Unmistakable tones of a ’69 Plexi

There are very few guitar tones as identifiable as a cranked Marshall, especially those from the late ’60s. Now you can have that sound with this high-quality, overdrive pedal. Like the amplifier, use of the pedal couldn’t be easier. Just crank up the three knobs to your desired sound – and go! Whether you’re looking for a highly-driven tone, or just want to enjoy the clarity and sensitivity of these amps [without the deafening volume], the Bucket Seat gives it to you.

Go from clean to scream.

At a Gain setting of 2 o’clock, the Bucket Seat reaches its maximum gain. Once you go past this point, the overdrive tone becomes more complex and harmonically rich. Turn it all the way up (clockwise) and you’ll get a very sweet overdrive [with plenty of harmonics]. When the Gain control is turned off (counter-clockwise), the Bucket Seat produces very little gain. At this setting, you can use the Bucket Seat as a master output and tone control. If you want to introduce just a little drive, try increasing the Gain control up (clockwise) – a little. This will give your guitar’s sound attitude and really make it jump out of your amp!

Total analog circuitry.
Analog Alien is all about tonal purity. All of our designs are inspired by the top-quality gear we use in our studio, Cloud 9 Recording. When we engineered the Bucket Seat, keeping a straightforward, analog circuit was a top priority. Just as in a great vintage amp, this allows you to be able to control the tone and gain of your signal by the way you play your guitar. And the True-Bypass switch keeps your signal’s integrity, even with the pedal switched off. Guitarists can’t get enough of this pedal.

How to use the Bucket Seat:

Output – the Output knob controls the direct output level when the Bucket Seat is engaged. The more you turn it up (clockwise), the more output you send to your amp.

Tone – the Tone knob control is very versatile and sensitive. You can dial in the right amount of treble or bass, depending on the guitar you use and its pickups.

Gain – the Gain knob controls the amount of gain you send to the circuit.


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