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Check out Analog Alien @ London Pedal & Synth Expo March 16 & 17

Discover Analog Alien Pedals at the London Pedal & Synth Expo 2024

The world of music production and performance is ever-evolving, and one of the keystones of this dynamic industry is the innovative technology behind musical instruments and accessories. This March 16th and 17th, an exceptional opportunity awaits for enthusiasts and professionals alike at the London Pedal & Synth Expo. Among the many highlights, Analog Alien Pedals stands out as a must-visit for guitarists and effect pedal aficionados. Here’s why you should not miss the chance to experience Analog Alien’s offerings in person.

A Unique Opportunity to Experience Innovation

Analog Alien, known for its distinctive and high-quality effect pedals, will be showcasing its range at the Guitar Guitar Booth. This event presents a rare opportunity for attendees to get hands-on experience with some of the most sought-after pedals in the market. Whether you’re a seasoned guitarist looking to expand your sonic palette or a newcomer eager to explore the world of effect pedals, Analog Alien’s presence at the expo is your gateway to discovering new sounds and technologies.

Free Entry with Registration – Act Fast!

The London Synth Expo 2024, part of the larger London Synth & Pedal Expo, offers free entry to those who register in advance. However, it’s crucial to act swiftly as tickets for some time slots have already sold out due to high demand. This enthusiasm is a testament to the event’s popularity and the quality of exhibits, including the chance to try out Analog Alien pedals. Ensure you register now to secure your spot and avoid missing out on this vibrant gathering of music and technology.

Exclusive Discounts and a Rich Interactive Marketplace

Set in the creative heart of London at Studio 9294, the expo is not just an exhibition but an interactive marketplace. Attendees can look forward to 10-30% discounts on most synths on display, making it an ideal time to invest in new gear. The expo has been a hub for synth and pedal enthusiasts in cities like NYC, Austin, and Toronto, and it continues to offer an immersive experience with live demonstrations, hands-on sessions, and the opportunity to connect with fellow musicians and industry experts.

Choose Your Time Slot Wisely

To enhance the experience and manage the flow of attendees, the expo is organized into three daily time slots. This thoughtful scheduling ensures that everyone has ample opportunity to explore the exhibits, including Analog Alien’s booth, without the rush and crowd of typical expos. Remember to select your preferred day and time while registering to tailor your visit to your convenience.

A Gathering of the Music Community

The London Synth Expo is more than an event; it’s a community gathering. Organized by Synth & Pedal Expo, with a strong following of over 1,600 enthusiasts, it’s supported by Delicious Audio, the pioneering web blog focused on guitar pedals. This expo is a celebration of music, innovation, and the passionate community that drives the industry forward.


The London Pedal & Synth Expo 2024 is a not-to-be-missed event for music lovers, especially those keen on exploring the latest in pedal technology with Analog Alien. With interactive displays, exclusive discounts, and a chance to immerse yourself in the world of synths and pedals, it promises to be an enriching experience. Make sure to register early to secure your spot and join the vibrant community of music enthusiasts in London this March. For more details and to register, visit the event page.

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