Tony Rodriguez

Tony Rodriguez is a Chapman Stick artist from New York City. His interest in generating polyphonic chordal music ultimately led him to the Chapman Stick. The Stick allows both hands to work as equal partners on the fretboard with each hand playing independent lines or working in tandem to create musical phrases.

Tony has specialized in the Chapman Stick since 2002, playing in various capacities as both a solo artist and part of various bands. His involvement in the Stick community includes hosting seminars, performing and instructing at such venues around the country. Tony’s collection of Chapman Sticks include 8, 10 and 12-string models that range from dual-bass, bass-guitar, and dual-guitar tunings.

The Stick’s unique dual channel output allows for independent processing of the melody and bass side simultaneously. Analog Alien’s diverse effect pedals bring new sonic possibilities while preserving the Stick’s natural tone. Tony’s AA pedal of choice… all of them.

Tony and Analog Alien’s Jack Napoli in the Cloud 9 Recording control room, trying out some Analog Alien guitar pedals.  Tony’s domain address that is currently linked to his facebook fan page.  Tony playing at Stick Night in Virginia, filmed by Chapman Stick artist, Greg Howard.  Interview of Tony for a website in Spain.  Tony’s Youtube page.

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