About the FuzzBubble-45!

“I’m having so much fun with my “FuzzBubble-45,” at least when I can pry it away from Zach, my primo guitar tech, and Dougie Needles.

Joan Jett – Joan Jett & The Blackhearts

“Even with the tone down, the clarity was intact and sustain off the charts.”

Premier Guitar May 2011

“Fabulous! There’s a reason why guitarists try to emulate the sounds of the legends, and that’s particularly true of men like Hendrix and Townshend… the tones are memorable and captivating. The FuzzBubble-45 has done the best at re-creating these sounds and with incredible flexibility to help you dial into your own signature ‘Hendrix’ or ‘Townshend’ tone.”

Brian D. Johnston www.MusicGearReview.com

“The sonic warmth and clarity of the OD on the Pete side is reason enough to grab one of these little E.Ts…. the face melting fuzziness of the Jimi side is just the tasty whipped cream and cherry on top!”

Fuzz Box Girlwww.youtube.com/user/FuzzBoxGirl

“There’s nothing to dislike about the FuzzBubble-45 in my opinion. It’s built well, sounds even better and is a killer combination of classic dirt circuits that have enjoyed some useful improvements. Top marks Jack and Joe! I can’t wait to see what you come up with next.”

Brett Kingman – Burgerman 666www.youtube.com/user/Burgerman666

“From Dave Davies through to Pete Townshend and Jimi’s wildest fuzztones, the FuzzBubble has a killer set of classic sounds and enough versatility to sculpt your own signature tone”

Chris Vinnicombe – Guitar Editor on MusicRadar and a contributor to Guitarist, Guitar World and Total Guitar magazines.

The FuzzBubble 45 allows me to get a great sound that emulates the style of my some of my favorite guitarists. As opposed to having to tinker with “gate”, “gain”, and “reverb”, I love that I can simply turn up the “haze”, or adjust what “year” of Pete I want to capture. It gives me access to the sounds of guitar legends of the past, while still allowing me the fun of mixing and matching to make my own sound!

Clyde Lawrence – (18-year-old Singer-Songwriter) ClydeLawrence.com

“If you are looking for a great fuzz and a sweet vintage style overdrive pedal the Fuzz Bubble 45 is the ideal choice”

Jonathan BloomerGuitar Noize.com

“You can spend a lot more for a lot less than you get with the Fuzzbubble-45”

Tony Pesko The Rockhouse Method/ Gear 411- Premier Guitar Magazine- Session Guitarist/Clinician.

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