Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top!

Well, we have a new member in the Analog Alien Galaxy – ZZ Top guitarist, Mr. Billy F. Gibbons! Billy heard about our pedals and personally invited us down to his show at the Iridium in Times Square, NYC. We got to hang out with him after the show and man that was some experience. This photo of Billy, Joe, and myself was taken by Ben Ash, of Sam Ash Music Stores, just before Billy got back on his tour bus heading for another town and show.

Billy is holding the Analog Alien Bucket Seat. He wanted to check the Bucket Seat out after Johnny Hiland, who is also an Analog Alien artist and one amazing guitar player, told him that it was a real game changer and one of his all-time favorite guitar pedals. Billy is not only a guitar legend, but he is also one cool, down-to-earth person. We want to thank Billy and his band for their hospitality. And a big thank you to Ben Ash, of Sam Ash Music Stores,  for taking this photo.

Billy performing at the Iridium in NYC.

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