Major review for the FuzzBubble-45 fuzz face / overdrive pedal!

Happy 2011 Everyone!

We have some great news! The Analog Alien FuzzBubble-45 overdrive / fuzz face was reviewed on youtube by burgerman666. It’s our first review of the new year.  Burgerman666 is Brett Kingman from Australia. Brett has built quite a following for himself on youtube not only as a man who knows his guitar pedals, but also as a man who does a fine job reviewing them, as well. Brett was quite impressed with the FB-45 and decided to do his review in a series of three parts. Here’s a quick overview:

The first video, which has a great introduced by Brett’s daughter Sadie, gives you a quick look at the FB-45. Brett used his trusty Strat fitted with Mick Brierley’s pickups and an Achillies Amplification ’59 Bassman.

In the second video Brett concentrates on the ‘Jimi’ or Fuzz Face side of the pedal. In his disciption Brett writes, “I love a great dual function pedal, especially one as cool as this. In the FuzzBubble-45 you get a monster Fuzz Face with extras and a great old-school overdrive. Appropriately they’re named ‘Pete’ and ‘Jimi’. I can assure you both of the sounds that you’d associate with those hallowed names can be found in this pedal”.

In the third video of the FB-45, or as Brett puts it “this mighty purple box”, Brett switches to his Les Paul. This gives you a different perspective on the pedal and shows you how it sounds when Humbuckers are used. The FuzzBubble-45 allows the true character of your guitar to come through, no matter what guitar you play. Brett does a fine job of demonstrating that in this third video.

All of us here in the Analog Alien camp would like to give Brett and Sadie a big thanks for taking the time out to review the FuzzBubble-45. Enjoy the videos!

Peace out.

Analog Alien

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